That First Job Cements The Rest of Your Professional Life

College students and recent graduates may not know how to efficiently find a job in any environment, let alone during a time of high unemployment. Quality and effectiveness of job placement by colleges across the country are destined to get worse due to pandemic loss of funding. Colleges admit they struggle with their career services, an after-thought, despite their incredible yearly enrollment fee. 

Is having your young adults back in your house driving you crazy? Do you worry that rising college seniors never got to experience their all-important summer job before graduation, the summer job that can set the tone for the future? Do you worry that precious time is being wasted?

It takes experienced experts in the field to make that search efficient and effective.

We know how it’s done, first-hand, since Marc W. Halpert, 1 of the 2 video program creators, helped his 2 kids who both attended Tufts University, one in arts and sciences and one in engineering, land phenomenal positions in a female-owned public policy consultancy and the other in an environmental engineering position in a federal government agency. 

Mike Mittleman, the other creator, has helped his 3 kids who attended Dartmouth, Kenyon College, and Sarah Lawrence find positions in IT services with a finance company, an advertising firm, and a non-profit serving children. 

In this program, we teach the very techniques we used with our children. We also currently use these techniques for clients aged 19-65 who pay us up to $10,000 for our advice.


Relief is Here

  • Your young professionals can be taught how to find that dream job

  • Get them started on the right track with skills to use all their career

  • Take back your life, and your family can all become employed taxpayers

  • Don’t be ashamed your friend’s young adults have jobs and yours doesn’t

You might be thinking...

  • Didn't I pay enough college tuition to get my kid a job?

    On average, colleges have 2,000 students per career counselor.
    How much attention did your kid get even if they went for counseling often? Maybe they ignored that advice?

  • Their final semester was cut short due to the pandemic

    But did they get all the advice they needed? Perhaps they attended a career search session once, but that’s not enough, without any follow-through. They still need more work on their whole brand.

  • They may have never even gotten to career services

    This is a process, not a drop-by seminar. It takes sharp insight and objective critiques to get the best edition after frequent re-tweaks.
    Your grad gets that with us as part of the package.

  • The video program is expensive

    This 4+ hour program is chock-full of added value (weekly drop-by Q&A calls, blog subscriptions, resume and cover letter templates, and a mock interview). Besides, the enrollment fee is a drop in the bucket compared to months'/year's delay landing the right career position!

  • How do I know this video program is confidential?

    A hallmark of what we assure our clients is that their comments are listened to confidentially and securely. Our coaching helps them express their brand better than they can alone.

Your kid will learn:

  • One-stop shopping, 5 skillsets, all in a single place, uniform style, interwoven to provide insight how they integrate and work together

  • Expertise and experience from the creators of this program who are consulting in today’s job market, helping others routinely

  • Methods that traverse diverse fields, ethnic groups, national geographic region differences, and address varied educational experience

  • Our “ear to the ground" in-the-trenches techniques in the #newnow pandemic job market, missed by college advisors in ivory towers

  • Tips not found elsewhere: from experience, anecdotes, success stories told by thriving clients in great positions, using our special sauce

  • The same insights and approaches we teach our clients, who pay up to $10,000 for our advice to address the realities of today's job market

  • To adjust what we teach into your kid's own voice and intonation; not a cookie-cutter end result, rather their own brand, maturely coached

Video Program Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Message

    • Course Introduction: Landing Your First Career Position

    • Who Are You? Worksheet (downloadable)

  • 2

    Creating Your Optimized Resume

    • Introduction

    • Overview and Solid Guidelines

    • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

    • Pre-Resume Preparation

    • Creating the Perfect Resume

    • Closing Thoughts

    • Resume Worksheet Downloads

  • 3

    Using LinkedIn to Launch Your Career

    • Introduction

    • Tell Why You Do What You Do

    • What Can LinkedIn Do For You?

    • Components of a Great Linkedin Profile

    • Get More Attention on Your LinkedIn Profile

    • Best Practices in LinkedIn

    • Your Job Hunt Begins Here

    • Closing Thoughts

  • 4

    Networking Into the Hidden Job Market

    • Introduction

    • Networking Hierarchy

    • LinkedIn as a Search Tool

    • How to Connect with Your Network

    • Informational Interviews

    • Closing Thoughts

  • 5

    Cover Letters that Get Noticed

    • Introduction

    • Dissecting a Cover Letter

    • Your Own Template

    • Closing Thoughts

    • Cover Letter Sample & Template (downloadable)

  • 6

    Mastering Interviews

    • Introduction

    • Interview Techniques

    • Closing Thoughts

  • 7

    Mock Interview Video

    • Mock Interview Video

  • 8


    • Closing Thoughts

Bonus Material

In addition to all of the above, your kid will have exclusive access to expert instructors Mike and Marc.

  • Weekly Live Q&A with Marc and Mike

    Weekly Live Q&A drop-in sessions with Marc and Mike for peer contact and open forum discussion

  • 15 hard hitting thought-provoking questions

    Help define who your kid is and orient their branding and how to make the case "why you"

  • Access to Marc and Mike's Blogs

    Hundreds of articles with tips, tricks, success stories, and heads-up notices of changes coming in the employment environment

More Bonus Material

  • Resume Template

    We provide a template resume your kid simply pastes in their great content that we show them how to create. Their resume gets past the HR systems so it can be seen by a human.

  • Cover Letter Template

    Cover letters intimidate many job seekers. We make the process simple by providing a template and directions for placing content in the exact proper spots. No more anxiety!

  • Mock Interview Video

    Marc and Mike conduct a mock interview to show your young adult how to create a relationship with the recruiter and communicate their accomplishments in a succinct manner.


Building confidence

Henry D.

“My daughter, a recent graduate, just finished working with Marc and Mike on her next career steps as she prepares for the job market. Their expertise and insight were invaluable. She came away feeling more confident and prepared for the process. I highly recommend them and their video program for any college student or graduate looking for a job.”

I couldn't do it alone

Katy L.

“Michael has been an extraordinary help and resource through my post-graduate career search. I honestly do not know what I would do without his guidance and support. I now feel in control of my application process and am not overwhelmed with deadlines. It has been an honor to work with Michael and I am truly grateful for the opportunity. I would recommend him to anyone!"

Depth of knowledge, deep commitment

Jill S.

"Marc has helped so many who are under- or unemployed gain the tools needed to advance their job search. Marc easily engages his audience with wit, energy, and depth of knowledge and his deep commitment to helping others find a position. Hundreds have benefited from Marc's classes--landing interviews, jobs, and networking opportunities."

Guided me every step of the way

Jimmy H.

"Marc is an amazing LinkedIn resource. He guided me through every step of the process from building my profile to building my network. Marc’s approach was to get to know me, my strengths, and my target. My profile was greatly enhanced and my activity on LinkedIn has increased dramatically. I went from being invisible to being found in searches and my profile views have also increased greatly."

Speed my job search

Gabrielle J.

"Michael took the time to understand my career goals. He enhanced my resume to show me as a strong contributor, with words that jumped from the page. He improved my LinkedIn profile to display key words where recruiters search most. He showed me best-in- class interview techniques to target my skills and to answer those difficult questions. I believe that Michael will speed my job search by 3 or more months."

This program opens many new opportunities!

Chris, former Marine, BA 2020; re-entering workforce

"In the past couple of months, I heard nothing from prospective employers. My resume was not getting through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

By following your program, I went from 2-3 calls per week to 15-20! For this, I credit many of the practical ideas you presented: I spoke with one contact who then referred me to 6 others. All six people looked at my resume, and I have calls with them.

As a recent college graduate, there is no better resource. Got me on the right track quickly."

Video Program Creators

Career Coach

Mike Mittleman

Mike Mittleman is a full-time career coach. He provides services to a variety of job seekers from undergraduate university students to professionals with 30+ years of experience that come from virtually every industry. He has built a career charging clients $5,000 and more for his tailored advice.

Mr. Mittleman graduated with a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia Business School. He worked for 15 years as an investment banker with Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse where he interviewed hundreds of undergraduate and MBA candidates. He is proud to be one of the 26 members of the Columbia University Career Coaches Network. Columbia University recommends select career coaches to Columbia University alumni for post-graduate career support. His LinkedIn profile is

With 3 kids he nurtured through the job search process, he understands how important finding the right job is for young adults.

LinkedIn coach and trainer

Marc W. Halpert

Marc W. Halpert is a “multi-preneur,” whose third concurrent company, connect2collaborate, spreads his high-energy LinkedIn evangelism as a:
• Trainer in professional practices and nonprofits in strategies to differentiate from competitors
• Coach to individuals to articulate their brand and achieve new career goals
• Instructor in companies to align employees’ LinkedIn personas with the corporate message
• Speaker at conferences, teaching LinkedIn best practices

Marc has authored 2 books:
• “LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices” was published by the American Bar Association, 2017, a second edition to be released Spring 2021
• “You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference,” self-published 2018

He routinely contributes articles and blogs on evolving LinkedIn techniques, and is seen and heard on international TV and radio.
His LinkedIn profile is


  • Who are the creators?

    Mike Mittleman ( and Marc W. Halpert ( produced this program as a joint venture combining their expertise and collaborative points of view. The have worked in multiple industries and with clients in diverse fields as consultants. Their kids are successful taxpayers too!

  • What do they teach my kid?

    They cover 5 integrated segments of the job search: highly effective resume, compelling cover letter, refined LinkedIn profile with search term optimization, natural interview skills, and the art of networking.

  • When can my kid access this course?

    Once purchased online, the resulting screen registers the enrollee. Your kid then has unlimited access to the video course anytime, 24 x 7, via online access to the program with ID and password access.

  • How is this program delivered?

    We chose Thinkific as the online teaching platform to provide this program and respect its reputation and capabilities after much research.

  • Why is this program worthy of my investment?

    We feel that our unique perspectives and collaborative style will be beneficial to all students and grads for that first all-important career step. Of course, many variables intervene, but we believe we provide best-in-class training for a lifetime of career success, one job at a time.

  • Have more comments/questions?

    Please contact us at

Arm your kid for success!

Equip them with highly effective resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, interview, and networking techniques